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Editorial: Taoiseach has lost his power

IT has become clear to all but the most blinkered Fianna Fail faithful that Brian Cowen's position as Taoiseach of this country has become untenable.

His authority has slipped away following the embarrassing fall-out from his disastrous radio interview. No apology can fix the damage that has been done to our international reputation.

A change in leadership within Fianna Fail would almost certainly precipitate a general election.

There is little appetite for a general election at the moment amongst the public, at a time when there is so much work to be done on fixing our economy.

But we cannot go on like this. We have had injury heaped upon insult, not least at seeing so many top Fianna Fail people parroting the party line, with the exception of Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin.

It's time for decisive action to put an end to this fiasco.