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Editorial: Suspicions on clampers were right

At last motorists have confirmation of what we have long suspected -- that many clampers are working on commission.

A brave former clamper who worked with a private company has blown the whistle on some of the practices that went on.

He has revealed how low-paid clampers have to clamp in a bid to get their wages up.

And they feel under pressure to get enough clamps.

It all confirms the suspicions of motorists who have fallen foul of vigorous clamping all over the city.

There is a role for clamping. People who park irresponsibly for their own convenience deserve to be clamped.

But people being clamped for minor indiscretions, such as running a few minutes over their parking tickets is wrong, even though the law is on the side of the clampers.

What is needed is some form of legislation for this area.