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Editorial: Survival of Norris bid in question

IT will be a critical week for embattled presidential candidate David Norris, in which it should quickly become clear whether or not the senator's name will be on the ballot when we go to vote.

The latest controversy which surrounds a letter, written on Seanad notepaper by Mr Norris and sent to Israeli authorities pleading for clemency for his former partner, has seriously damaged his chances.

The senator vows to fight on, but the nominations he needs to go forward are now in question.

Mr Norris' campaign has already been embroiled in controversy when comments made in 2002 about sexual activity between older and younger men and boys resurfaced earlier this year.

Supporters say he is being unfairly targeted, but both controversies centred on things the presidential hopeful said and did. It may well be that the citizens should be the ones to decide whether Norris is a suitable president, but it is looking increasingly likely that they may never get the chance.