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Editorial: State could be big loser in Clerys’ case


Clerys clock

Clerys clock

Clerys clock

THE sorry saga of the closure of Clerys has taken a further turn with Minister Ged Nash’s report on the matter.

The Minister states that it is too early to know if ex-workers and creditors at the retailer would get paid by the liquidators.

He concludes that – in economic terms at least – the State could prove to be the biggest loser in this case, as it will have to pay out significant sums of money to the former employees of the company.

Despite this the Minister also states his belief that, as it stands, he believes existing laws are sufficient to recover corporate assets.

None of this will be known until the liquidators complete their investigation of Clerys, of course.

But one thing that requires no investigation is the fact that workers at Clerys were treated dreadfully by its new owners during the closure of the retailer.

LE Eithne’s vital mission

THE crew of the LE Eithne deserve the highest praise for their work in the Mediterranean Sea over the past two months.

The Irish vessel has rescued 3,376 migrants during 22 rescue missions since it was deployed to assist with the migrant crisis in the area.

There is little doubt that many of these people would have drowned had the LE Eithne not rescued them.

Defence Minister Simon Coveney yesterday visited the ship and thanked the 69 crew for their invaluable work. It was praise well deserved.

The crew’s work, in solidarity with other European navies, is testament to the skill and commitment of the Irish Navy.

Next week, the LE Niamh will deploy to the area to take up the LE Eithne’s work. We wish her crew a successful mission.