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Editorial: Shane's golf success is a tonic for all

Another glorious sporting moment to lift Irish spirits was gifted to the nation yesterday when amateur golfer Shane Lowry whipped the cream of the professional golf world to win the Irish Open.

Among the revellers in his hometown of Clara was another local, named Brian Cowen, who spoke of sport being "a great uplifter of spirits." In these recessionary times, marvellous feats like this victory by a down-to-earth 22-year-old are just the tonic for us all.

Some people might think it was unfair that he could not pocket the half million euro prize money because of his amateur status.

But the joy beaming from Shane demonstrates that there are more important things than money when it comes to living a successful life. Besides, it appears that a long and very lucrative career as a professional now beckons for Shane.

He has the blessings and best wishes of the nation today.