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Editorial: Scourge of brutal city knife crime

THE brutal murder of David Byrne Hayes on Saturday night is deeply shocking. It is the latest tragic death in our knife crime epidemic. However, the ferocity of the attack on David has left people numb.

This clearly wasn't an incident in which a petty row got out of hand.

Gardai believe the killing was by no means spontaneous and had been planned in advance.

David was chased by his attackers and in desperation sought refuge in an apartment complex.

As he ran for his life he no doubt knew what awaited him if he was caught. And his attackers showed no mercy.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter must now put knife crime at the centre of his agenda. He has to tackle the scourge head on.

Knives are deadly weapons, just like firearms. When thugs are caught carrying blades, stiff jail sentences should be the punishment.