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Editorial: Sargent has paid a very high price

Trevor Sargent is a decent man who is respected across the political divide for his integrity. But he did something wrong.

He tried to influence a garda investigation into a criminal matter.

We all know he shouldn't have -- and his speedy resignation indicates he now realises this too.

There has been much sympathy for Trevor Sargent, particularly among his Dublin constituents, because nobody likes to see a good man brought down.

But it was important that this matter be brought into the public domain, given its seriousness.

It is hard to believe that Trevor Sargent, of all people, has found himself in this position.

However he did the honourable thing by stepping down promptly from his position.

He made an error of judgement and has paid a high price for it.

But there is no doubt his resignation is in the best interests of the Green Party.