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Editorial: Review little comfort for mums-to-be

THE report into the miscarriage misdiagnosis scandal makes for chilling reading. Inadequate training and over-reliance on ultrasound apparently were the reasons for 24 women being wrongly told their unborn baby was dead.

Twenty-two women went on to give birth to a child despite the diagnosis, which occurred at the early stages of pregnancy.

The biggest problem identified in the report was the lack of formal training in early pregnancy scanning.

The Health Service Executive, which has apologised, cannot say when all medics, including consultants and registrars, will be trained to the new standards.

It seems incredible in 2011 that women are being told their best chance is to trust their instincts - and seek a second opinion. With 16 out of 19 maternity hospitals involved in the review, there is scant comfort for thousands of expectant mothers in the coming months.