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Editorial: Rapist's life after prison is alarming

The revelations about convicted serial rapist Michael Murray's lifestyle since he left prison become more alarming by the day.

Murray (49) was released early from prison last year after being sentenced to 18 years for a spate of sex attacks.

Last week, we revealed that he was living in a large €1,200-a-month apartment in south Dublin.

It also emerged that Murray had been working as a gardener at a city hospital for elderly and infirm patients for five months.

It now appears the job was a voluntary one, with the HSE saying he was never paid for his gardening work at St Mary's Hospital.

Disturbingly, references given to Murray by State organisations to his landlord made no reference to the fact that he once attacked six women in six days.

The HSE and the Probation Service need to explain how this man was given glowing references which helped him secure his tenancy.