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Editorial: Politicians taking eye off the ball

Politics has dominated our headlines and been the central talking point in the office, down the pub and in our homes for a full two full weeks now.

And while the resignations of Lee, de Burca and O'Dea; the very public spat around Mary Coughlan and Ryanair; and now the row between the Greens over the Dublin Docklands Authority, have all been engaging diversions, many would like to see a swift return to the issues that directly effect the man and woman on the street.

Through all the machinations in the corridors of power, concerns about unemployment, homes at risk and our badly managed health service haven't gone away.

It's interesting to sit back and watch these high-level rows and all the recriminations and finger pointing that goes with them, but what we really want to see is our lives changing for the better as soon as possible. A little more energy spent working towards that would be nice.