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Editorial: Opportunity missed for the capital


The Spawell Complex

The Spawell Complex

The Spawell Complex

IT was the perfect location for a southside home for Gaelic games in Dublin, but unfortunately the county board’s bid for the Spawell site didn’t match one made by a rival buyer.

NAMA has said taxpayers would have been disadvantaged if the receiver for the site had selected Dublin GAA as the buyer.

Dublin county board chief John Costello has argued that the inclusion of community development in Nama’s terms of reference means that the benefit to the community of the GAA taking over the site should also have been taken into account.

Either way, what we have here is a missed opportunity to build a much-needed top-class facility at a time when participation in hurling and football has jumped in the last five years.

Perhaps it would have taken some State funding to boost the GAA bid to ensure they secured the site, and surely the extra cash could have been found somewhere. The resulting sports centre would have certainly been an advantage to the taxpayer.

Well done All Hallows

Well done to All Hallows College management.

Trustees of the Dublin campus declined offers worth twice what they agreed to sell their Dublin campus for to DCU so that it would remain an educational facility.

Such a rare move is unique and of enormous benefit to the State and future third level students.

Just as Dublin GAA and underage players lost out on a major facility on the southside of the city because of legally binding constraints and red tape, All Hallows chose the country’s future well-being as opposed to a construction company’s millions.

All Hallows chose the future education of the country’s youth during a week when the resilience and unity of our college students abroad in the face of an horrific tragedy is of immense pride to Ireland.

Such foresight by All Hallows should be applauded by all of us.