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Editorial: Only tough action will stop killings

The callous gun murders of two men in a Dublin city centre flat signals a shocking start to this year's deadly gangland toll.

The double killing last night followed another brutal murder of a man whose body was found in a frozen ditch near Dublin Airport at the weekend.

Gardai believe that the perpetrators of the three killings are linked to one of the city's drug gangs.

The murders mirror a similar killing spree around this time last year and show the gunmen have scant regard for life.

It is useless appealing to the gang leaders' humanity.

The gardai deserve the support of the public in stamping out this clique of self-appointed executioners.

They must be caught, convicted and sentenced with the utmost rigour that the law allows.

It is only when they realise they cannot get away with murder and will pay a full price for it that their behaviour will change.