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Editorial: Off slink our shameless politicians

ISN'T it well for our politicians, who are heading off on their holidays today for a three-month break without so much as a backward glance? There'll be no such break for the people who protested outside the Dail yesterday.

There are thousands more families who would probably have liked to have been there -- but couldn't be because they were too busy looking after the loved ones who need their help.

And that is quite shocking.

The protest was about cutbacks which are threatening respite facilities -- and in some cases have already closed them -- for the many people who care for family members with a particular disability all year round.

They now won't get the short break, the respite, that both the carer and the cared-for need.

Still, off our politicians go with their buckets and spades for the summer.

We won't see most of them again until the end of September.