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Editorial: Mr Dempsey - wake up to cold reality

The Government's response to the ongoing weather crisis has been an absolute disaster. We have been in the grip of a serious situation, and yet nobody took charge to co-ordinate a strategic approach to the problem.

The response to the crisis is too little and too late. Schools are closed, businesses are losing money and less than half the amount of salt needed by the city and county councils will be delivered next week.

Environment Minister John Gormley has belatedly come forward to speak about the crisis.

But when he does, not only does he tell us he's not the boss, but three weeks into the severe weather, he has the neck to say that the situation isn't that bad, that the snow and ice has been exaggerated.

Meanwhile, our Minister for Transport is on holidays in the sun - lucky enough to escape just the day before Dublin Airport was forced to close because of the snow.

Well for him. Back here everyone seems to be passing the buck, but if it's not the Transport Minister's problem, who's is it?