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Editorial: Michelle's legacy will save lives

TODAY we publish an interview with the grieving family of Dublin mum Michelle Fitzpatrick, who lost her battle against cancer earlier this month.

While fighting against cervical cancer, the brave mother-of-five contacted the Herald, wishing to go public with an appeal to Health Minister Mary Harney to make the HPV vaccination available to all young girls. Even as she struggled with her own illness, Michelle was fearful for her daughters' future and the future of other young girls.

The minister, who had ruled out a vaccination programme, did a U-turn and now young girls have a better chance against this cruel disease.

Michelle's death serves as a reminder to all women to go for regular check-ups, and for young girls to avail of the HPV vaccination.

Because of campaigning by Michelle and others, at least some young families of the future will be spared the pain of losing their mother.