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Editorial: Lowry must do decent thing -- quit

THE Moriarty Tribunal has described his behaviour as "disgraceful" and "insidious". Yet Michael Lowry remains a TD, representing the Irish public. The former minister misled the Government, his party leader and civil servants. He was also in receipt of secret payments.

Indeed he attempted dealings on behalf of Ben Dunne which would have been "profoundly corrupt" the tribunal said. Mr Lowry is even likened to Charlie Haughey in the way he abused his public office.

These are truly damning statements.

But the TD's only response has been to issue strong denials. He has not addressed the fundamental findings of the tribunal.

His supporters have highlighted his mandate from voters in Tipperary. And if there was another election tomorrow, would he still top the poll?

But how can a man who has been so badly exposed continue in the Dail?

The whole political system will be diminished if he does.