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Editorial: Little Lana's death must be a lesson

The death of a healthy three- year-old girl from swine flu will send shivers up the spines of parents everywhere. Lana Ameen died just two days after being struck down with the flu, and now her parents have called for the vaccine to be made available to all children.

However, there are no plans to start offering the jab routinely to children here if they are not within the "at-risk" groups.

In light of Lana's death, perhaps this should be reviewed by the health authorities.

At the very least, parents are entitled to hear an explanation about why children are not being routinely vaccinated in Ireland at a time when the number of cases of swine flu continues to rise within the community.

As we know, most people will recover from swine flu after rest at home, but it can be deadly.

Let's ensure everything possible is being done.