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Editorial: Let's harness the love for our country

AS we brace ourselves for our national holiday tomorrow, and what should be a celebration of all things Irish, some of us will wonder as we look to the huge festivals and parades elsewhere in the world participated in by millions who love or would love to be Irish.

On virtually every continent will be avenues of revellers dressed in green for the day as they toast Ireland on the festival day of our patron saint.

And with all our woes -- the clerical scandals, Government ineptitude and grave financial ills -- we might well wonder why anyone in their right minds could love us with such fervour.

Well, it is clear that they do and here's hoping some of that enthusiasm for our country this week can be harnessed.

Because things will get better. We will turn a corner and when we do, let's hope that all this love in the world for Ireland and all things truly Irish will bring home investment and opportunity.