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Editorial: Koran stunt will unleash world fury

PASTOR Terry Jones from Florida may have a flock of less than 50 people, but his proposal to burn copies of the Koran tomorrow on the anniversary of 9/11 could have global repercussions.

It is chilling to think the actions of such a small group could trigger a reaction threatening the safety of Christians right across the globe including America's own soldiers abroad.

President Barack Obama has correctly described the proposed action as "recruitment bonanza for al-Qa'eda".

Burning any religious books in this way, regardless of whether it is the Koran or the Bible, is grossly offensive and Pastor Jones must understand quite well that it would lead to terrorist reprisals.

It is a supreme irony that America is the one country where freedom of speech is upheld by the Constitution -- a Constitution which equally prevents it from putting a stop to this man.