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Editorial: Knocking a hole in golf's reputation

IT was described as the sort of violence we'd be more familiar with as the stuff of an Italian mafia crime TV series. It is certainly not the sort of behaviour we've come come to associate with golf clubs in this country.

However, a judge was moved to describe the aftermath of a confrontation at Lucan Golf Club as "like a scene from the Sopranos".

There was blood on the toilet walls, the wash hand basin, the floor, the ceiling and the doors.

Leeds supporter Alan Holmes claimed he had been head-butted in the toilets by fellow member Martin Curtis, who is to give evidence that Mr Holmes had obstructed him with his chest before grabbing him and punching him.

The row developed after boisterous banter between rival football supporters. Indeed, their behaviour was more like that of soccer hooligans than golfers.

It's a shame they ruined the normally serene atmosphere of the Lucan club.