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Editorial: Jet mission was sheer arrogance

Dispatching the Government jet to bring home a junior minister for the crucial vote on the Cabinet reshuffle is a sure sign of nerves on the part of Fianna Fail.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen was obviously willing to risk the wrath of the public over this extravagant waste of taxpayers' money, rather than leave even one vote to chance.

Fears had arisen that the Coalition wouldn't have enough votes to approve his Cabinet changes in the Dail, so the jet was used to collect Trade Minister Billy Kelleher in London.

It illustrates a major lack of confidence on the part of the Government, which increasingly appears to have a tenuous grasp on power.

Also, sending the jet at such cost shows a distinct arrogance on its part, at a time when industrial action is ongoing over pay cuts in the public sector.