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Editorial: Jailing of shopkeeper's murderer

THE knife killing of an Arklow shopkeeper as he defended his property horrified the country. John Deasy tried to stand up to a thief and was brutally stabbed.

There had been two previous armed robberies at the shop and the owner had obviously had enough and decided make a stand

He paid with his life.

Mr Deasy was stabbed in the chest when he confronted Anthony Farrell after he stole €50 from the shop's till.

Farrell has now been convicted of murder and will be jailed for life. It is small comfort for the children and other family members Mr Deasy leaves behind.

All of us are entitled to feel safe in our places of work and small business owners have it tough enough these days.

This tragic loss of a life is a reminder of how vulnerable some such businesses are and the protection that they need.