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Editorial: It's a bit rich coming from you, Wallace

It is just a little bit ironic that Independent Wexford TD Mick Wallace is the man to have made the Miss Piggy comment in reference to colleague Mary Mitchell O'Connor's love of pink outfits.

This is the same Deputy Wallace whose own trademark is a short-sleeved pink polo shirt and who recently accused the Oireachtas Committee on Privileges and Procedures of trying to put people in "straitjackets" with their decision to enforce a new Dail dress code.

Deputy Wallace declared himself "flabbergasted" by the decision to make TDs wear more formal attire and said they would be better off "concentrating on the issues".

No doubt, Deputy Mitchell O'Connor will rise above the schoolboy-type remarks and sniggering of colleagues Wallace, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan and Shane Ross.

Meanwhile, the man telling us all to ignore how people dress and concentrate on the issues should surely take his own advice.