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Editorial: Irish Water will have to learn lessons


John Tierney Managing Director of Irish Water

John Tierney Managing Director of Irish Water

John Tierney Managing Director of Irish Water

Irish Water "did not always get things right in its first year of operation," chairwoman of parent organisation Ervia said in its annual report.

Her words were something of an understatement given the relentless controversies that have hit Irish Water.

First was criticism of its almost €80m spend on outside consultants.

There has been mass protests on the streets against water charges.

Late last year the government announced that charges will be capped until the end of 2018 after widespread anger over the planned cost of assessed charges for un-metered households.

Less than half of households have paid their bills so far.

The utility made a loss of €138m last year, though this is before it started billing.

Ms Hynes apologised "for issues that impacted customer confidence" and said Irish Water has learned from its 2014 experience "to deliver on behalf of the people of Ireland."

It remains to be seen if this will be delivered on.


Well done on Berkeley gig

The latest fundraiser for the Berkeley balcony survivors took place in Dublin last night.

The seven survivors will undergo rehabilitation and require medical supervision for the foreseeable future, if not the rest of their lives, after all were left with life-altering injuries.

Well done to all those who supported, performed at and most importantly organised yesterday's charity event at the Academy.

The general public wants to continue to support the survivors and such fundraisers provide an outlet.