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Editorial: Insight that shows FF uselessness

NEW comments by former Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan reveal just how dysfunctional the last Government had become.

Mr Lenihan says he was "disappointed" by Taoiseach Brian Cowen's performance and that he felt he had to give a lot of leadership himself. He says he expected Mr Cowen to express himself in a more forthright way about the problems facing the country when he was elected Taoiseach.

This extraordinary insight into the workings of the last Government, which had to deal with the worst economic disaster in our history, makes for sobering reading.

In stark contrast, the new administration appears to have taken on the daunting task of rescuing Ireland Inc in a forthright and businesslike way.

At least the disastrous Fianna Fail/Green coalition, and their failure to rein in the elements which caused our economic crisis, is no longer in power.