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Editorial: HSE must act now on care deaths

THE murder of teenager Daniel McAnaspie has highlighted concerns about the number of children who have died while in the care of the State. The HSE, which is charged with looking after children in State care, was ordered in March to notify a watchdog of all deaths.

The HSE told Children's Minister Barry Andrews earlier this year that 23 children had died in care over the previous decade. Now it has emerged that six more children, including Daniel, have died in State care since the end of February.

Bizarrely, the independent review group has yet to receive a single file as part of their investigation into the deaths of the children. The HSE is citing legal advice and says it will not have all the files until the end of June.

This Kafkaesque situation, after the Government set up a serious inquiry to review the situation, is utterly mind boggling Mr Andrews should leave the HSE in no doubt about his "extreme frustration" when he meets HSE officials on Thursday.