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Editorial: HSE cuts hit our weakest the hardest

BED closures, waiting lists and hospital cutbacks have become commonplace in our ailing healthcare system and we're presented with rows of figures relating to these difficulties every day.

But now and again a story has the ability to stop us in our tracks and put a human face to the suffering of people who must rely on our sickly health service.

In our paper today we highlight the case of a Dublin family who are afraid that they will be directly hit by HSE cutbacks.

They are concerned about who will care for a 72-year-old mum with dementia, now there is no bed available for her due to cost-cutting.

It is truly disturbing that the State can turn its back on people when they need its help the most.

What has happened to the Bennetts could happen to any of us. They are left trying to find a residential care facility.

Let us hope they get the help they need.