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Editorial: How we can foil the tiger kidnappers

THE latest so-called tiger kidnapping thankfully ended without anyone being seriously injured or money handed over. An Post executive Liam Sullivan and his family were put through a horrific ordeal by ruthless gangsters demanding a ransom.

In the past, tiger gangs have got away with millions of euro by kidnapping bank officials in their homes and ordering them to hand over money.

This time, mum Mary O'Sullivan played no small part in thwarting the criminals with her heroic actions.

Having sound procedures in place for employees and their family members with safeguards for access to money are a vital line of defence.

Gardai will be satisfied that the gang's aims were thwarted and that others will think twice before engaging in this vile crime.

Hopefully the innocent family targeted by the thugs will recover quickly from the effects of the trauma inflicted on them.