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Editorial: Horror crash should be a lesson to all

The images from the funerals of seven young men and a pensioner will haunt people for some time to come. This time last week, eight young pals from Donegal were enjoying their weekend.

No doubt they were making their plans for where they'd watch the World Cup final on Sunday and who they'd watch it with. Meanwhile, Hughie Friel, a pensioner, was probably looking forward to playing bingo on that Sunday night.

But, as we now know, what should have been an enjoyable summer's evening turned to the most appalling tragedy. Seven of the young men travelling in one car, and Mr Friel, who was driving the other, were killed in that awful collision. Another person lies seriously ill in hospital.

As the priest at one of the funerals put it, young people need to realise that they're a lot more fragile than they often think.

It's a thought everyone should carry with them as they head out this evening and tomorrow.