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Editorial: Heads must roll in new HSE scandal

Although it will surprise very few people, the HSE has found itself in another controversy. The Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA) revealed that many children in State care had not been in contact with social workers for up to a decade. Perhaps even more shockingly, two children had to remain with abusive foster care parents, despite the fact that the social services had been alerted by members of the public and teachers.

These children were only removed after inspectors from the health watchdog insisted that the HSE review their cases. In numerous cases, the HSE did not check that children in care were safe.

This proves, once again, that the HSE is unable to meet basic standards. The fact that vulnerable children were exposed to abuse by families which the HSE was supposed to be vetting is unforgivable. Senior management -- starting at the very top -- must pay the price for a body which simply is not working.