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Editorial: Gutsy OAPs deserve win over bank

WELL done to the Dublin pensioners who won their court battle against Bank of Ireland over mortgage advice.

It takes real guts and determination to take on the might of a banking institution, which is why Louis and Margaret Kilmartin deserve such commendation.

The couple were awarded €16,000 damages after taking a case to the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin over advice they received relating to an endowment mortgage.

The judge in the case said that he had been impressed with the clear recall of Mrs Kilmartin regarding her dealings with the bank.

It is a landmark decision which could affect hundreds of others with endowment mortgages.

But what is really heartening is that a couple in their seventies can prevail in such a complex case.

The couple are currently on holidays. Let's hope that they get the opportunity to savour their victory because they deserve it.