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Editorial: Gun attack is terrifying for parents

The shooting of three men at 11.15am on Sunday in a park where young children would normally have been on their way to football matches is shocking.

The incident in Corduff Park, Blanchardstown, has left one young man fighting for his life while his two companions were also injured.

What is truly scary for the parents of children in the area who use the park regularly for sports events, particularly on a Sunday, is that the scheduling of Herald columnist John Giles' Walk of Dreams meant that many youngsters were spared from being in the line of fire or witnessing a truly horrific crime.

Ordinarily a park such as Corduff would have been full of youngsters. But yesterday, thankfully, Giles' national fundraising campaign suspended normal practice to take part in the event.

This is but a small consolation for local families who will now live in fear of retaliatory attacks and for the safety of their vulnerable children.