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Editorial: Get the gun gangs off our streets

THIS morning, Dubliners awoke to the news that there has been yet another shooting in the city. Last night, just before 10.30pm, a man was shot in Portmarnock, north Dublin, in an attack which bore all the hallmarks of a gangland killing.

The man is the 19th person to be shot dead this year. Just a day earlier, on Saturday morning, there was another attempted murder in the quiet north city residential neighbourhood of Killester.

The sickening reality now is that ordinary Dubliners have found themselves in the middle of a gang war, which has claimed far too many lives and put the lives of ordinary citizens at risk.

This tit-for-tat battle is on-going on the streets of our capital as rival gangs fight for control. These killers have no fear and seem to act with impunity.

Every effort and resource must be made available to bring those who kill on our streets to justice.