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Editorial: Gardai must be granted full resources

TEENAGERS have reached a new level of lawlessness with an attempt to burn down a garda station. Turf wars over drug sales have dragged 15-year-olds into violence and thuggery on an unprecedented scale.

They are clearly so unafraid of authority that they are holding their gang battles in the street and then turning on gardai when they try to quell the mayhem.

This type of behaviour must be quenched before it spreads further.

It is completely unacceptable that those charged with protecting us are being put at risk, not just on the beat but in their stations. Even their private cars are being targeted.

Thanks to the sharp eye of one officer, the arson attack on Crumlin station was spotted before the blaze took hold, threatening officers' lives.

Gardai should be given full resources to tackle this emerging threat before violence of this kind becomes any more commonplace.