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Editorial: FitzPatrick should be ashamed

DISGRACED former Anglo Irish bank chief Sean FitzPatrick apparently has no idea why he has become the face of Ireland's banking collapse.

Mr FitzPatrick has broken his silence and says that while he feels regret, he is not ashamed.

This from a man who once ran a bank worth €12bn and which was Ireland's third biggest financial institution before its collapse.

The former banker is the subject of a major Garda investigation and could face charges within weeks if the Director of Public Prosecutions decides there is sufficient evidence against him.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen also has questions to answer about that golf game in July, 2008 during which he and Mr FitzPatrick never discussed the deep crisis at Anglo.

Mr FitzPatrick's current attempt at some kind of grudging apologia will be seen by many as self serving and will simply infuriate the taxpayer left cleaning up the mess.