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Editorial: Find feral gang before next attack


Diana Mongan, 17, shows her injuries

Diana Mongan, 17, shows her injuries

Diana Mongan, 17, shows her injuries

THE horrific attack suffered by a 17-year-old girl in a Dublin park is indicative of the increasingly violent nature of street crime in the capital.

Diana Mongan was set upon in Mountjoy Square Park last Friday. A gang of two young women and three young men were involved in the attack, in which Diana’s face was stamped on and an attempt was made to set her hair on fire.

Diana’s mum has stated that only for another young woman’s intervention, her daughter could have been very seriously  injured.

While gardai have yet to make any arrests in the case it’s now emerged that certain individuals have taken to social media to brag about the assault.

This shameless, violent and feral behaviour is completely unacceptable. Every member of the gang that carried out this assault must be traced and prosecuted.

Diana escaped with severe bruising but no permanent injuries – this gang’s next victim may not be so fortunate.

High cost of sports shirts

THE new Irish rugby home jersey is an impressive garment.

It comes with an impressive price tag too – a recommended retail price of €81.50.

One store yesterday trumpeted that it would sell the official jerseys at a discounted price this week – €69.

This is still a significant amount of cash for a jersey, and the bill adds up if you hope to fit out your son or daughter too.

But it’s not just rugby. Few official GAA county and Premier League jerseys retail nowadays for less than €60.

If you or your family is a fan of more than one sport – and few Dublin families are not – kitting yourselves out can prove to be an expensive undertaking.