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Editorial: Fear and anxiety as Dail returns

AN air of anxiety hangs over Leinster House today as the Dail returns to official business sessions.

Many of us are wondering if the current Government will make it to Christmas given the current unease.

Never in the history of the State have we faced such mammoth financial difficulties with no real solution in sight.

To compound the difficulties, our image on the world stage has become the subject of ridicule and joke.

The Government's plan to create 300,000 new jobs over the next five years offers little comfort to the public, who have become cynical about politicians' promises.

People like the 36,620 in mortgage arrears or those facing the €50m cutbacks in health services in the west will take a lot of convincing.

One way or another, the Fianna Fail-Green coalition faces an unprecedented balancing act to bring in one of the toughest budgets ever with a very slim majority.