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Editorial: Fat cats must never be let off the hook

THE nation has a right to be angry today at the bank directors and senior executives who virtually destroyed our banking system and massively damaged our economic well-being.

They wallowed in their perks and huge bonuses as they promoted greed as a business ethos. They renounced their duties as astute guardians of their banks and their customers and shareholders. In the process, they wrecked significant portions of this economy.

The likes of AIB and Bank of Ireland were worse for mimicking the recklessness -- no fool like an old fool.

Their actions have robbed individuals and families and wiped out shares nest eggs for countless numbers of citizens, many of them elderly.

Yet, disgraced buccaneer Michael Fingleton rode off with a €27m pension. Other culpable pin-striped rogues have very comfy financial featherbeds. They must not be allowed to get away with it.