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Editorial: Epidemic of crime shown by gun haul

THE haul of firearms, ammunition and silencers found in Mulhuddart is yet another indication of the increasing rise in criminal activity.

Coming hot on the heels of a gang of thugs trying to fire-bomb a garda station, it seems that the criminal gangs' fear of authority has all but vanished.

These rapid-fire machine guns seem to have belonged to fugitive gangboss 'Fat' Freddie Thompson and their discovery has probably averted the death of several members of the rival King Ratt gang.

While the public has become almost immune to tit-for-tat killings, the bigger fear is that innocent people are at increasing risk as gun possession spirals out of control.

Thankfully in this case diligent garda work uncovered the firearms store before any damage could be done, but there could be other such stores and Justice Minister Dermot Ahern must now find a way to clamp down further and stamp out this activity.