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Editorial: Drug-user Ming should just grow up

SO self-confessed drug smoker Luke 'Ming' Flanagan is giving up cannabis 'in the Republic of Ireland'. Does this mean he is likely to develop an interest in cross-border politics? Presumably an EU junket to Amsterdam won't be out of the question.

The Independent TD's announcement comes on foot of a complaint made to gardai about his drug-use by a Kilkenny councillor.

But the eccentric Dail deputy says that if gardai want to investigate him, they will have to investigate Brian Cowen, Leo Varadkar and Eoin Ryan, all politicians who have admitted smoking cannabis at some time in their pasts.

However, there is a big difference between a youthful dalliance with a drug and using the entire drugs legalisation platform as a springboard into politics.

The fact is, mainstream politics requires playing by certain rules. Some call it serving their country, others might call it being a grown-up.