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Editorial: Dark side of internet's social sites

THE tragic story of Ashleigh Hall (17), who was kidnapped, raped and murdered after she met a sex offender on the internet, will horrify parents everywhere.

Ashleigh thought she was meeting a teenage boy she had been in contact with on Facebook. Instead, it was Peter Chapman (33) who posed as the youngster online and who killed her the first time they met.

Chapman, convicted yesterday for Ashleigh's murder in Britain, must serve at least 35 years in prison.

The sentence will not bring the Hall family's beloved daughter back, but her tragic death is a warning.

Her mother urged parents to find out who their children were talking to on the internet.

Facebook also told people not to meet anyone they had been contacted by online unless they knew who they were.

Parents should do whatever they can to protect children from unwanted contact online.