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Editorial: Cruel attack on Eva (89) cowardly


Eva Sutton

Eva Sutton

Eva Sutton

The callous attack on innocent grandmother Eva Sutton is still having repercussions.

The fragile lady was tied up and viciously beaten in her home in a terrifying 30-minute ordeal.

The thieves made off with a small amount of jewellery - but the long term effect is much worse.

Eva used to be an outgoing woman, able to fend for herself and live alone, according to her family.

But now she is a "shattered and broken" shell of her former self. Eva will continue to have nightmares about this horrifying burglary.

What cowardly thugs could go so low to attack an elderly woman in her own home?

What animals would feel the need to tie up and 89-year-old woman and leave her with broken ribs and a punctured lung?

It is beyond time that the Government ensured that gardai have all the resources necessary to get these violent and callous thugs off our streets.

Tourism on the bounce

TOURISM is on the rise and that is most certainly good news for Ireland and Dublin.

So far for the first six months of the year, just shy of 3.9m visitors have flown and sailed here.

Last year, 7.6m tourists came to the country and it looks like that figure will be surpassed this year.

There is plenty on offer here for all our guests. Recently, the Guinness Storehouse was named as Europe’s Top Tourist attraction by the World Travel Awards.

It is important that investments in such sites continue by both public and private finance.