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Editorial: Cool heads needed on airport jobs

This evening a crucial meeting is due to take place between Ryanair's Michael O'Leary and Tanaiste Mary Coughlan. Over the last couple of days, there has been a very public spat between the two over his proposal to relocate 300 jobs to the airport.

But even though the Tanaiste has agreed to meet Mr O'Leary to discuss his offer, nothing should be taken for granted.

Mr O'Leary's insistence on only using Hanger 6 -- which is currently in use by Aer Lingus workers -- must be viewed with some scepticism. Aer Lingus has a 20-year lease on the building and Mr O'Leary has already ruled out using any other hanger or allowing a hanger to be purpose-built.

However, after the closure of SR Technics last year, 300 new jobs in Fingal would be a massive boost to the local economy.

But whatever happens at this evening's meeting, let us hope that cool heads are also present.