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Editorial: Controls on rent are long overdue


Rental market

Rental market

Rental market

ONE in five of us now rent the homes we live in - and we're paying more to do so.

The average rent in parts of Dublin now stands at €1,500 a month, and rents citywide are continuing to rise.

Rising rents are forcing some out of their homes and making it increasingly difficult for others to find suitable accommodation for their families.

This situation cannot continue. Rent controls are needed, and the Government's move to introduce them, likely on a temporary basis, is welcome.

Controls would serve to stabilise the rental market in the capital, where city centre rents went up by 10pc over the past year. Increases were also registered in the suburbs.

A ban on increases that are above the rate of inflation would bring in a system of rent certainty for tenants, removing the worry of rent hikes.

Separately, the Government should also consider tax incentives for landlords to bring more housing supply on-stream.


Good luck to runners

Some 40,000 women will take to the streets of Dublin this afternoon for the annual Women's Mini-Marathon.

They will do so in the face of heavy rain and gale force winds, if weather forecasts prove accurate, but this is unlikely to put a dampener on what is one of the biggest fundraising sports events in the country - and the biggest female-only event of its kind in the world.

Thousands of participants have spent the past few weeks running, jogging and walking in preparation for the event, and fundraising millions of euro for their nominated charities.

Bands and DJs will entertain the crowds who are sure to line the route to cheer on their mums, sisters, daughters and friends regardless of the weather.

Well done to everyone who lines out today. And whether you run or walk, the very best of luck.