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Editorial: Come home to fight crisis, Ms Harney

It's time for Health Minister Mary Harney to cut short her 15-day junket to New Zealand, amid the growing furore over the scandal of the 58,000 unread X-rays at Tallaght Hospital.

The buck stops with her because she oversees a health system that is literally dealing with life and death issues.

Of course, she is not personally responsible for what happened at Tallaght Hospital, but her actions in the debacle need to be explained further.

We need to know why she did not realise the full extent of the X-ray controversy until Tuesday, despite being told in December.

We need to know why she did not think to inquire further about the full scale of the problem.

This is the possibly the biggest health crisis to hit during her tenure in office, and she should be here to face it.

Furthermore, she needs to reflect on her position.