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Editorial: Clear-out of Church chiefs only option

No one is immune to the outrage caused by continuing revelations of the cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

Now we learn that the church knew in 1975 that Brendan Smyth was a child abuser and hid it. Cardinal Brady says he did his duty and that we cannot judge the church's actions back then by today's standards.

However, by any standards, the sexual abuse of a child and covering it up is evil and wrong.

Saying that times were different and the rules have changed is a cop out and a disgrace.

The institution of the Irish Church has proven itself to be corrupt in its dealings with abusers and victims of abuse and a complete clearout of the hierarchy is the only solution.

There is no need for any more than four dioceses, Dublin and three others. And the Church leaders responsible for allowing abusers such as Smyth to continue to prey on the innocent must bow to outrage and leave forthwith.