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Editorial: Charges are taking a toll on drivers

IS there no let-up for hard-pressed motorists? Already reeling from soaring fuel prices, drivers are again under threat from public bodies planning to impose their own particular versions of financial pain.

The National Roads Authority now wants to double the number of toll roads in Ireland from eight to 16.

It includes the double whammy of an extra toll point on the M50 so that motorists can pay twice on the same journey around the outskirts of the capital.

Dublin City Council also plans to hike the price of annual residential parking discs by a whopping 25pc.

There has to be restraint by public bodies when it comes to placing heavier burdens on taxpayers.

These new tolling and parking initiatives are an unwelcome example of stealth taxes at a time of financial stress for the public.

And for families already under financial pressure, they couldn't have come at a worse time.