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Editorial: Chaos again -- why can't we prepare?

A fortnight of snow and frozen roads and we're still slip-sliding along the footpaths and fishtailing our cars to the school gates hoping that we won't have to arrange last-minute childcare due to closures. That's if we haven't given up all hope of getting to work at all.

This isn't just about being inconvenienced. There's a real economic cost to our failure to cope and it's coming at a time when none of us can afford it. Many small businesses already on the brink will not survive the loss of business caused by failed deliveries or customers staying away.

Bigger businesses will also be counting the cost of enforced absenteeism.

So where is the Government in this national emergency? We're told this weather is unusual and unprecedented. So was the flooding before Christmas.

The simple fact is our authorities were unprepared -- yet again. When something as simple as a couple inches of snow and ice brings the country to a shuddering halt we have good reason to worry.