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Editorial: Brave priest right to slam drugs trade

Fr Seamus Ryan showed courage when he chose to speak about the evil of drugs at the funeral of the Corbally brothers, two feared criminals murdered this day last week.

It would have been easy for him to concentrate solely on comforting the grieving family. He could have spoken platitudes that sounded reassuring -- but meant nothing.

Instead he chose to say what desperately needed to be said to a congregation which contained some young men who needed to hear it.

There's no glamour, honour or glory in the drugs business and few live long enough to enjoy the financial fruits of their twisted trade.

Saying it doesn't mean it'll do any good.

It might not stop a single young person from being pulled into the sordid trade by those who will use him or her.

It might not cause anyone to turn away from this warped way of life.

But it would have been hypocritical in the extreme not to say it.