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Editorial: Attack shows worrying side of the capital


The glassing of an innocent tourist in our capital city is a disgrace.

Our various agencies and bodies which attempt to attract visitors to the country constantly try to sell us as a friendly, welcoming place.

However, evidence suggests otherwise and the experience of Dafydd Hughes is one he won't forget. This is not the first occasion in recent times when a tourist has been attacked in the city centre.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Ní Dhálaigh is just weeks into her job but already has a contentious issue to deal with.

She has told the Herald that the capital's citizens, tourists and visitors must feel safe.

Resources provided to the gardai and courts, along with effective legislation, are the only way to combat this.

Anything less is just paying lip service.

Let's make sure the sickening assault on Mr Hughes is the last we see for a long time.

Dark days of the Troubles

Throughout the history of the troubles there were many dark days that are thankfully consigned to the past.

One that resonated across the island was the massacre of three members of the Miami showband in July 1975.

The popular band crossed the sectarian divide and the deaths of Fran O'Toole, Tony Geraghty and Brian McCoy are remembered vividly to this day. Even those who are less than 40 years old have heard of the wonderful Miami Showband.

Their memory lives on to this day and the greatest honour that can be afforded to them is that such dark days never return again.